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Have you ever wondered if there was something else you could be doing right now? 

Was there an inspiring moment or person who changed your life?


Well, Mr. Lee, the founder and CEO of W&T Travel Services LLC, thought about that over 10 years ago after hearing an inspirational speech. He then traded in his only car for two 15-passenger vans and launched his own business. Darnell Lee named his newly established company 

in loving memory of his parents, William and Teola.  


It has been a tough journey starting from two employees and the very first contract for $400. However, the quality of service, passion, dedication and the repeat business from you, our respected customers, helped W&T Travel Services succeed. Thank you! 


We now have 175 employees and over 90 vehicles in our fleet providing transportation and logistical solutions to Government, Universities, Schools and Private Parties. 


Please feel comfortable calling us at 301-899-9887 or 

email us to make reservations.

CEO of W&T Travel Services

Darnell A. Lee

Our Story

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